Has An Agency Forgotten To Pay You?

Has An Agency Forgotten To Pay You?

The majority of agencies you work with are professional and will pay you on time, but sometimes you get some that aren’t as professional. They might forget to book your for a gig or, even worse, forget to send you a check for work! Being a freelance brand ambassador can be hard on your bank account because you might have some great months and then have a dry spell in between, which makes getting paid on time even more important. Here are some tips on how to handle an agency that has forgotten to pay you:

  1. Know the agency you’re dealing with

Some agencies are 100% legit, while others are a bit sketchy. So even before you start doing business with an agency, do your homework and research them. This way you get an idea of who are you dealing with and see if they are worth your time or if they will be trouble in the long run.


  1. Have a contract in place

Even before you commit to work, you should have a written contract with the agency first to protect you from anything and everything. This way you get paid on time or in a timely manner and have written proof to back you up if you have to seek legal help.


  1. Cover all of your bases

Sometimes, it’s best to expect the worst so that you’re covered in the end. This way, your contract will be iron clad and you can take matters into your own hands if you aren’t paid on time or get paid at all. Include payment terms and if they will be late with a payment, include a late fee clause so that they are extra motivated to pay you on time. Be assertive and know your worth.


  1. Be persistent

If they still haven’t paid you by a certain time, be persistent and continue to email the point of contact. You can contact the agency’s office by phone but you want to have a paper trail, incase you need to seek legal action.


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