How To Engage Consumers to Have a Successful Promotion

How To Engage Consumers to Have a Successful Promotion

The way that you promote your business will determine the quality and quantity of customers you can expect to get. No matter where you advertise, you need to engage customers. The best way to get the most out of your promotional work at trade shows, in stores, and at major events is to have friendly faces talk about your company for you and to have a display that is eye-catching as can be. Not sure where to begin? Take a cue from these pointers from some of the biggest names in marketing around the world.

  • It’s better not to attend an event at all if you cannot afford to give your company the set up, display, and promotion it deserves. A company that looks unprofessional at a trade show or event is a company that will more likely lose business instead of gain it. If you look at your company’s trade show booth and can’t help but shake your head, sit this one out. You don’t want to be the laughing stock of the event!
  • People react well to beautiful faces, friendly demeanors, and excitement. A good way to get customers to approach your booth and learn about your company is to have promotional models and staff members who make your company seem like it is part of the “cool crowd.” Everyone loves being in a group filled with gorgeous people, and everyone wants to be where the action is at. By creating that image and atmosphere for your company, you are getting customers to engage with you more frequently and openly. It’s why major companies like Abercrombie hire models to stand outside their doors.
  • Ask customers questions and be sure to LISTEN. Be open to criticism – especially online. Address complaints professionally, and thank customers when they compliment you. Consumers who feel like they are heard by the companies they buy from are customers who will be more loyal in the long run.
  • Be available for customers. You want to avoid being too hard to reach, especially during trade shows and events. Make your customers feel welcomed around you, and you will be able to engage them a lot better.
  • Freebies, freebies, freebies! Never underestimate the power you can wield when you offer potential customers freebies. People who get free goodies from companies are more likely to buy more, spread the word about the company, and even rate them more positively in the long term. Companies that don’t hand out free goods at events and trade shows sometimes end up looking stingy – especially if competitors are doling out goodies left and right.
  • It all starts with the right logo and presentation. A memorable logo can do a lot more for a company than a crew of staff members tossing out free keychains. Don’t ever try to cut corners when putting together a logo and promotional display for your company. Since your company’s display might be the first impression it has on dozens of people or more, you need to make your display as perfect as can be. Ideally, your display and/or event booth should sell your product for you – not the other way around.

Much of engaging your target audience is using common sense. As long as you put in effort to make your company (and everything associated with it) look great, you will get more customer engagement.


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