Why Your Promotional Event Is Failing

Why Your Promotional Event Is Failing

You want your promotional event to be a success, but the sad reality is, you might have set it up to fail before it even began! Having a failed event is a nightmare and makes you wonder if all that hard work and preparation was all a waste – which it wasn’t; you just didn’t prepare right! If you’ve ever wondered why your promotional event was a failure instead of a success, here a few reasons why it was a bust so that you can work on them for the next one:

  1. Poor communication

Communication is key in all areas of business and relationships so if communication was poor, your event will reflect this. Poor communication happens when everyone isn’t on the same page. Your promotional events usually happen on weekends and that can make it difficult to reach the right people at work, so troubleshoot and have a contingency plan in place so that everyone is on the same page and can communicate with each other no matter the time or place.


  1. No personality

If you hire brand ambassadors for the event, you better make sure that they live up to your expectations before you hire them because ones that have no personality and aren’t go-getters will do more damage than good while at the event. Customers won’t become engaged and your event will be pointless so make sure that you hire the right people that mesh well with your brand.


  1. Confusion

The day of the event, you might have tons of brand ambassadors but no mangers on duty to oversee them (or you might not have enough). This causes confusion as to what needs to happen, so you’ll need to identify a team lead in advance so that there is no confusion on the day of the event.


  1. No teamwork

You’re dropping lots of money on your promotional event so you’ll want to make sure that everyone is working together to get the job done and done right. Inspire your team so that they will want to go out there and give their best!


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