Promotional Models Hairstyles Do’s and Don’ts

Promotional Models Hairstyles Do’s and Don’ts

Promotional Models Hairstyles Do’s and Don’ts

As a promotional model you’ll be given exact guidelines as to how to wear your makeup, dress and hair for a specific event, but sometimes you’re not given anything and have to wing it yourself. Instead of trying to guess what will work when it comes to your hair, here are a few do’s and don’ts for your next promotional gig:

  1. Don’t have any crazy hair color

Don’t do anything drastic in terms of color before a promotional event. Chances are, the brand doesn’t want someone with unicorn-colored hair or anything too dramatic. Instead, wait until you’re done with the gig to do anything crazy if that’s your desire. Stick with the look on your promotional photos so that the brand gets exactly how they hired you. The last thing you’d want is to show up to something and then get fired that same day for not looking like your promotional pictures!


  1. Do wear your hair down

The best way to style your hair is to wear it down, unless otherwise told so. More than likely, your promotional pictures depict you with your hair down, so why not stick to what the brand likes (they obviously hired you, right). Now is not the time to try and experiment with crazy hairstyles that you see on YouTube. Stick with either your natural hair, straight or waves.


  1. Don’t show up with dirty hair

Bed hair may be the trend right now, but a promotional event is not the place for it. Don’t try and use dry shampoo to cover up day-old hair and make sure that you show up with a clean, fresh ‘do that looks great. You want to make a good impression, after all, and dirty hair doesn’t exactly cut it!


  1. Bring hair accessories just in case

Do bring some bobby pins, rubber bands and clips with you on the day of the gig just in case they want you to wear it differently. This way you’re prepared for anything!


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