Is Experiential Marketing For You?

Is Experiential Marketing For You? What it is and how to harness it

You already know that marketing in the traditional sense doesn’t work anymore, so you’ve probably been trying out new trends to help your brand achieve success, right? Kudos for your efforts, but if you really want to hit your marketing efforts out of the ballpark you should try experiential marketing.

If you’re not familiar with experiential marketing, don’t worry, not many people are. Basically, it’s a form of advertising that is all about how a consumer experiences your brand. Instead of just spreading the word on your company and its products/services, this type of marketing focuses on a tangible experience that your customers can relate to. Traditional advertising like print, TV and radio visually communicates your brand and its products to consumers, while experiential marketing will immerse them within your company by engaging all of their senses if possible. The end goal of experiential marketing is for the consumer to walk away with an emotional connection between you and them, as well as create a memorable experience for them that will entice them to interact with your brand more by either following on social media or buying your company’s product or service.

In the end, we all compete for customer loyalty and experiential marketing is one way to one up your competitor that’s just doing regular traditional marketing. You’ll have the upper hand because you’re engaging with the consumer on a totally different level – one that will leave a lasting impression on them for the better.

To harness the power of experiential marketing, you’ll have to use several marketing tactics to create an immersive experience and form an emotional connection. This can be in a pop up store, a special event or a clever campaign that will leave a lasting impact on a consumer regarding how they see your brand.

CHICKS in YOUR SHIRT provides the right assets for experiential marketing with our promotional models and brand ambassadors that can be used for events, marketing campaigns, sporting events, trade shows and more. So if you’re ready to take your marketing efforts to new heights, give us a call!


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As an experiential marketing and event staffing agency, Chicks in Your Shirt knows the ins and outs of how to get your brand heard and seen through all the noise from competitors and other brands. We specialize in providing your company or event exceptional brand ambassadors and promotional models to help spread awareness about your company at trade shows, sporting events and any marketing campaigns or initiatives. With talent located nationally, we can handle projects and clients from all industries and sizes – there are no limits to what our staff can do for your campaign.