How To Write A Winning Email

How To Write A Winning Email

You get tons of emails a day and many of them you never open, but why? It’s probably because the subject line sucked or that you simply weren’t interested. Having an effective email marketing promotion/campaign is vital to any brand, so how to do you ensure that they get opened and read? Read on to find out!

  1. Attention-grabbing subject line

The subject line of an email is the first thing people see, so you need to make sure that it’s appealing and will entice readers to open and check out what you have to say. This can make or break whether it’s opened or not. You’ll want to place your most compelling point first thing, but make sure that it’s short. It’s best if it’s 50 characters or less. Take a look at headlines that inspire you and build from there.


  1. Poignant header

Once you come up with the subject line, it’s time to write a fierce header that will grab the reader and have them wanting more. This enhances the subject line and will make the reader want to continue to read it, so you’ll need to make it powerful. Stick to about 80 characters so that you don’t bore them.


  1. Beefy body

Inform your reader about your brand and its happenings in the body of the email. Connect with them at the very beginning, telling them why they’re getting an email from you in the first place. Make sure that you use personalized language so that they feel as if you’re connecting to them on a deeper level. But don’t go on and write an essay on anything; keep it short and sweet. Use various formats so that you break up the text. At the end, have a Call To Action so that they can either sign up for an event, head to your website, etc.


  1. Use images

Break up text with captivating images as they relate to your brand so that you draw the reader in more.


  1. Add links

Make sure that you include links to your site whenever it’s relevant in the text or photos.


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