What Recruiters Want To See In Your Resume/Portfolio

What Recruiters Want To See In Your Resume/Portfolio

What Recruiters Want To See In Your Resume/Portfolio

Landing a job that you really want is not the easiest thing to do, but it is possible when you have a stellar resume/portfolio. It’s the first thing that recruiters see and it can speak volumes about your work ethic and who you are as a candidate. Recruiters can see hundreds of resumes in a week, so to make sure yours doesn’t get thrown in the trash can, here are some tips on what they want to see:

  1. Catchy Headline

Recruiters no longer want to see the outdated “Objective” on the top of your resume and are more interested in a headline. To make yours stand out, tell give them a tagline about yourself with a short phrase of who are and what you can do. Try your best to make it catchy so that it catches their eye!


  1. Skills

The bulk of your resume should reflect your skills and the only way to do that is to list all of your jobs and how long you’ve been there. Really go all out and provide them with everything that you do at your job; don’t hold back. This will only reflect all of your skills and show them why you are worthy of the position over other candidates. And don’t forget to show tangibles, which include numbers, percentages and dollar amounts relating to any growth or size of the project or campaign as it relates to your skills.


  1. Duration

The time periods that you list on your resume for each position tells them your motivation for change since something long-term shows that you’re probably bored and need something new, while a short stint somewhere displays that you were unhappy.


  1. List awards and accomplishments

Listing everything that you do for work is great, but don’t forget to add in any awards or accomplishments. This will help you stand out from the crowd and show that you stuff done!


  1. Keep it short

Sure, you might have a lot to say, but don’t write paragraphs about it. Keep it short with bulleted points.


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