Why CEOs Aren’t Always The Best Marketers
Think CEOs are great at everything as it pertains to their business?

Think again!

It turns out CEOs are great for making sure the business succeeds, but they aren’t always the best marketers. Most of the time, CEOs don’t even understand the true value of social media and can’t even define important marketing measurements like bounce rate, CR and CTR. Many older CEOs are out of date and find tech stuff intimidating and confusing, which is why they’re bad marketers in today’s digital age.

And even though they hire the best to handle these sorts of things, it’s also a good idea that they familiarize themselves with new marketing efforts. They should at least know and understand the concepts of how new marketing structures work. Company leaders need to understand how social networks work and how they can help the business so that they can better predict the future success of the company as a whole.

So what can be done to educate CEOs on the ins and outs of digital marketing and new marketing methods like experiential marketing?

Knowledge! Hire a couch or sign them up for online classes that teaches them the basics of new marketing methods so that they at least are familiar with social networks that the company utilizes for business. Teaching them how to successfully use social media and new marketing trends will help them better understand the marketing side of the business so that they can in turn utilize it for the company’s success.

CEOs need to force themselves to learn new things they do not understand as it pertains to their business for the sake of the company. Even though they won’t be doing the everyday posting and the like, they should at least have an idea of how it all works so that they can make quality decisions that will benefit the entire company and every department.

A CEO armed with knowledge is beneficial to the entire company and one who is more willing to take a risk on new marketing efforts.


About The Author

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